Girls Football Festival

Linking in with the FA's Biggest Ever Football Session initiative, we organised a series of events for this year's International Women’s Day. In the morning, every girl in Years 5 and 6 took part in a massive tournament, playing a series of games that gave everyone involved the chance to throw themselves into action. It was fantastic to see so much enthusiasm and enjoyment on display as the girls charged around the field, and it was brilliant to see many of them seeking out more opportunities to play (and clubs to join) over the following week. 


Following on from this, we organised and hosted the first Stevenage Year 3/4 Girls Festival. 18 of our girls joined 60 children from 5 other schools for an afternoon of friendly matches, coaching sessions and a penalties competition. It was great to see so many children enjoying their first ever taste of organised football - more than 70% of those involved said that this was the first opportunity they had had to play in 'proper' kit or reprsent their school.  

"Staff provide a range of additional activities and opportunities including sports clubs and visits to places of interest. These broaden pupils experience and raise their aspirations."

Ofsted report, 2022