Learning Superheroes

We have chosen to build our curriculum around six core Learning Powers: Curiosity, Independence, Empathy, Perseverance, Reflectiveness and Cooperation. These have been developed, refined and agreed by all staff and governors, with input from our children and our wider community. We have mapped out the way these powers develop through the school here.

We introduce and promote these themes to our children through six Learning Superheroes. These characters - who you can meet below - embody these values and encourage children to become superheroes in their own learning. They are particularly useful to us when we get stuck, as Superheroes know that 'sticky points' are the times when we learn the most.

Each half-term we focus on one Superhero in particular. This half-term, Chloe Co-operation has visited us regularly in assemblies to help us to work on developing her core skills : listening, collaboration, imitation and respect. You can watch her introducton by clicking on the image below:

"Pupils are confident and have well-developed social skills… The school is a calm and orderly place in which to learn."

Ofsted report, 2022

Claudia Curiosity

Claudia likes nothing more than finding out new facts and discovering new things. She's always asking questions and heading out to explore new places and seek new experiences.

Her core skills are questioning, risk taking, exploring and challenging. 

Eddy Empathy

Eddy is everyone's friend! He's really good at understanding how other people feel and talking about their feelings. He's always up for having a chat, and he never holds a grudge.

His core skills are concern, honesty, understanding and  forgiveness. 

Chloe Co-operation

Chloe loves working with other people. She is convinced that everything is better if we work together - and she also knows how important it is to listen to your teammates.

Her core skills are collaboration, listening, imitation and respect.  

Isaac Independence

Isaac is the most confident of the superheroes. He is full of brilliant ideas - and lots of not-so-brilliant ideas too, but that's OK, because  he knows how to sort through them and make good, sensible decisions about what to do next. 

He is resourceful, imaginative,  confident and responsible.

Polly Perseverance

Polly never, ever gives up! She loves taking on new challenges, and is convinced that you can do (almost) anything if you set your mind to it.   

Her core skills are concentration, determination, resilience and ambition  

Ralph Reflectiveness

Ralph leaps into action when everyone else thinks that the task is finshed! He always wants to work out how something could be done better next time or tweaked to make something even better... 

His core skills are planning, reviewing, evaluating and revising.