School Council Elections

One of our first tasks this term was to elect our new School Councillors. This year, Chloe Co-operation (one of our learning superheroes) introduced the election process and explained how it all works - you can watch her video here.


Everyone had the chance to stand for election in their class, writing speeches and making presentations to try to convince their classmates that they would be great at this job. Everyone then cast their ballot, with the winning boy and girl in each class elected for the year. You can see a list of our newly elected Councillors (and read their successful speeches) here.


Our new councillors were soon called into action, working out how to improve our Golden Time resources. Each pair surveyed their classmates about what new toys and games they would like, with each class given a budget of £50 from School Council Funds. The councillors then headed to Smyth’s toy shop (along with Mrs Draper), where they used their survey responses to help choose lots of new equipment to make Golden Time be even more special. We look forward to making the most of these new toys and games in the New Year! Bedwell School News : December 2023

"Pupils are confident and have well-developed social skills… The school is a calm and orderly place in which to learn."

Ofsted report, 2022