Christmas at Bedwell

We really got into the Christmas spirit in the last two weeks of term! Year 1 and 2 kicked everything off with their performance, working hard throughout the Autumn Term to learn lines, dances and acting. We were incredibly proud of their production of The Angle Who Nearly Missed It All, and were delighted that so many of you came to watch us - over 250 adults came in total! Thank you to everyone who helped us learn our lines, kept us calm and came to watch our show.


In the final week of term, each class rounded-off the term with a brilliant Christmas party. We came to school in (or got changed into) our finest party clothes and then had great fun playing games together - including all the classics (musical bumps, pass the parcel, musical statues etc), along with a few new contests. After that, it was time to pile into party food and settle down with some relaxing Christmas movies (a big thank you to everyone who sent in something to eat).


The final part of our festive celebrations came on the very last day of term, when we had our Christmas Dinner. After a busy morning preparing food in the kitchen and decorations in the hall, we all sat down to enjoy our meal, complete with crackers and paper hats - and as we were all in our Christmas Jumpers too, it felt very festive!

"Pastoral care for pupils and their families is strong. Pupils feel well cared for because leaders and staff go out of their way to help and support them."

Ofsted report, 2022