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"Pupils' competence in using mathematics in everyday situations is good. They apply their skills in a variety of ways an in different subjects."


    Mathematics is a key subject that covers a huge range of topics and skills. As well as practicing mental and written methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, we learn about money, measures, time, shape, graphs, co-ordinates and a whole lot more besides.

    In Key Stage 1, we learn Maths in our classes, but from Year 3 onwards, we use setting to group together children of similar ability and help everyone to make as much progress as possible. Regular assessments help to make sure that everyone's in the right set.

    Each half-term, our teachers decide on new targets for our written and mental maths, identifying areas where we're a bit stuck and focussing on improving our skills and understanding in those particular bits of the subject. The aim is for everyone to reach the 'should' target for their age group - our current targets are listed below, and are also sent home in our maths newsletters, which include extra ideas for helping your child work towards their targets at home..

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How you can help
Top ideas for supporting your
children at home...

In Foundation Stage and KS1, counting is the key skill - so try counting anything and everything you can think of, from cars you pass as you walk to school to stairs at Nan's house to plates in the dishwasher.

In Key Stage 2, multiplication tables are the vital things to learn, and every child takes home a practice pack to help them with the table they're currently working on - so any help you can give your child with these is hugely appreciated.







Topic plans
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